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C.How it works.

Easy to install on all system with the DES-CASE adaptors line.
Easy and efficiency work :
Inhale :
. First step: foam allows a perfect dissemination of inhaled air in the complete volume of the breather.
. Second step: a 0.5 micron DUPONT de NEMOURS filter element. cleans air
. Third step: Silicagel dries air.
. Fourth step: warranty that only clean and dry air enters in your reservoir.
Exhaust :
. First step: stop of oil vapor and fumes by foam, DUPONT de NEMOURS filter element and Silicagel crystal (Maximum 30% of the topside of the breather).
. Second step: Auto-dry of Silicagel at around 80%.
. Third step: Auto-clean of the DUPONT de NEMOURS filter element at around 95%.
. Fourth step: exhaust outside the breather of air with original dust and water vapor and free of oil fume or oil vapor
Easy maintenance indicator by the change of color of the body of the breather. All change of color means automatically a presence of water or oil.