DESCASE Europe Breathers line is in agreement with the European regulations.
=> They are manufacured in accordance with European health and safety rules;
=> They are in accordance with European directive & regulations concerning health worker protection (in the filed of risk of human and environmental exposition to chemical substances) - N°67/548/EEC, 79/831/EEC et 92/32/EEC;
=> They are in compliance & conformity with the new REACH regulation CE N° 1907/2006.
=> They are in compliance & conformity with ATEX regulation 94/9/EC for use in Zone 1 to 2 and more.

Customers, using DESCASE breathers, are sure to protect their lubricated reservoirs (hydraulic reservoirs, gearboxes, storage reservoirs, electrical transformers, etc.), to improve their maintenance procedures and effeiciency, to protect environment, to protect employee's health, to respect states and European laws and to generate profits for their company.

=> DESCASE offers a complete line of desiccant breathers with air flow up to 25000 l/MN and for reservoir to more than 100.000 liters of total volume.
=> Products are on stock in Europe. Standard breathers, the disposable line, may be delivered in around 72 hours in all European places. For the non-standard breathers, the delivery time is around 15 days.
=> Disposable breathers are offered for only the price of a simple SPIN ON with 5 micron non-organic filter element.

Des-Case has earned the business of many Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. These include Ford, General Motors, Parker-Hannifin, DuPont, Castrol, Caterpillar, Georgia-Pacific, and Weyerhauser. A sampling of international customers include the French Power Authority, the French Navy, and Germany-based Thyssen. Private label manufacturing is also provided for several major corporations in the fluid power industry.

Des-Case's distribution channel consists of more than 200 worldwide distributors. Distributors typically sell Des-Case as an auxiliary line to other hydraulic products such as oil and related fluids, reservoirs, gearboxes, filters, hoses, lubrication and fluid power systems, etc.