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D.Correct uses.

If it is possible, try to use Des-CASE breathers on hydraulic reservoir or gearboxes which using clean oil, without water. In that case, you immediately reach the maximum time life of our breathers (After 9 years, customers on French market reach 12/14 months before changing our breathers). The DES-CASE breathers will change of colour, from blue to pink, from the bottom to the top of the breather.

If you use the DES-CASE breather on a polluted lubricant application, the breather will clean your reservoir or gearbox, in that case it capability will be divide by 10 and the time life may be only 2 month or less for the first unit. In that case, we advise you to have a look one time per weeks during the first two months. If the breather reaches Two months without changing of colour, you can expect to reach one year of time life.
For polluted lubricant, we recommand to clean it with system like our Microfiltration Unit.
Put on your system
On the bottom of the breathers, open only the quantity of air intake really needed:
1. For gearboxes or hydraulic systems, where there is only level variation due to the temperature, open only two (2) air intake holes.
2. For hydraulic reservoir with cylinders open the correct quantity of air intake holes (See the data sheet or the literature).
Put out the stand pipe protection blue cap and fit the breathers in the appropriate adaptor (DC10,DC17, DC12 or JCB1515).