Importation, delivery and use of chemical substances that will be not in accordance with REACH or not pre-registered to European Competent authorities, before December 1st, 2008, will be forbidden. It means that after December 1st 2008, end-users must have the official proof that substances they use are not in accordance with REACH or not pre-registered for the special use they do with it.

Most articles contain chemicals. Some of these are potentially hazardous to environment and health, if they are released.
Industrial filters and desiccant filters are articles that contain chemicals. When they are new they contain original chemical substances used by the manufacturer, when they are saturated they may contains up to 30% of oil residues. Industrial oils contains chemical substances perfectly known to be CMR (carcinogen, or mutagen or with effect on birth).
Under REACH, substances that are intended to be released as part of the utility of the article (e.g. an ink in a cartridge) need to be in accordance with REACH or pre-registered before December 1st 2008.
For desiccant filters that are designed to be refilled or opened, end-users, if they want to use this kind of filters, after December 1st, 2008, must have proof that all chemical substances presents in such filters - including colour additive and oil residues - are pre-registered for all kind of individual application.

Examples of filters designed to be refilled and concerned by registration under REACH rules:

Impact of REACH Regulation on your business and products.
You must INVESTIGATE what substances are in your products and their quantities. Substances, are they hazardous or do they have a very high concern (SVHC)?
NON SHVC substances
o Are you able to prove, with an official document, that substances in products, that you are using, are safe and non SVHC?
o If Yes, is the substance intended to release during normal use of products (for instance refilling for maintenance).
o If Yes and if substances are not officially exempted you must registered yourself substances for your special use
Note: Tests for non SVHC substance are estimated at more than 400 000 Euro per substance.

SHVC or considered as suspected SVHC substances
1. If products contain SHHC substances for more than 0,1% and if substance intended to release you must registered to the European Authorities yourself substances for your special use.
2. Or European notification is not required if the producer or importer can exclude exposure to humans or the environment during normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use including disposal
3. Exposure to human or the environment can be excluded in the following situations: There is no release of the substance of concern during normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use(s) or disposal (see explanation of these terms in Annex 1).
Safety Information on desiccant products in connection with REACH
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Official safety informations regarding the different kind of desiccants =>: » MSDS of most of desiccants

Very important note: Desiccant filters or breathers designed, during maintenance operations, to be emptied and refilled with desiccant crystals are obviously products where chemical substances are intended to release during normal uses. Because of that falling down on the scope of REACH.