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"It costs ten times as much to remove a particle as it does to keep it out in the first place."

Stop contamination of your products in storage and process tanks with Des-Case breathers, as:
. Chemicals
. Edible Oils and Beverages
. Pharmaceutical Fluids
. Lubricants and Fuels
. Powders

Documentation of Tank breathers
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The Problem
Draw-down and temperature changes permit moisture-laden and heavily contaminated outside air to enter the storage or process tank and pollute the contents. This can result in product waste and time consuming product reconditioning.
The Solution
Install a Des-Case hygroscopic breather that extracts the incoming moisture and filters out the incoming particles before the contents of the tank are contaminated.


The Des-Case tank breather was designed specifically to remove moisture from the air of storage and process tanks. As the moist, dirty air is drawn through the unit, the moisture is extracted by the drying agent, and a knitted polyester filter removes particles in the air down to 3-microns.


. Eliminates contamination of products stored in tanks, by drying and cleaning the air before it enters the tank
. Eliminates corrosion inside the tank, by removing moisture before it enters the tank
. Minimizes amount of particles entering the tank by dual stage filtration, provided by patented polyester filter
. Eliminates chemical reactions to the stored product in the tank by keeping out natural change-agents
. With the above problems eliminated or minimized, maintenance costs are reduced

Every breather is manufactured to withstand typical industrial and tank farm environments. Des-Case hygroscopic tank breathers are designed for installation on most storage and/or process tanks. They are available in eight sizes. [See specifications below]


Add an 'R' to the end of the model # to indicate rebuild kit, which includes filter & replacement desiccant for specified model.

Mounting Methods:
Accessories for both mounting methods shown are shipped with each breather.