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Flowguard Kit Adaptors for drums & hydraulic reservoirs

To quick connect filtration units to hydraulic reservoirs and drums.

Hydraulic Adapter with Breather Kit
For more than 80% of the time, many of Filter carts are unused, because of weight and dimensions. With DESCASE Flowguard systems, we offer to customers the opportunity to rentabilize their invest by using their existing filters carts 100% of the time.

This Hydraulic DESCASE Adapter with Breather Kit features all of the following:
. Adaptor
. Breather (DC-3) with O-ring Seal
. Buna-N Gasket
. Fill Tube - 302 mm
. Mounting Screws
. Quick Disconnect Drain Plug - ISO B Connector
. Quick Disconnect Fill Plug - ISO B Connector
. Vacuum Indicator.

Hydraulic DESCASE kit Adapters are designed to fill, empty and connect filtration units on hydraulic reservoirs.

Drum Adapter with Breather Kit
When customers use filter cart to pump oil in drum, to fill lubricated reservoirs, oil pass only one time through filter cart's filter element, therefore oil can not be considerate as clean enough for actual industrial equipments.
With DESCASE drum adaptor, customers can connect, in the maintenance office, their filter cart on all of their drums. Because of that, they will, continuously, in their drums, oil at the correct cleanness required by actual hydraulic systems or gear units.
DESCASE solutions allow customer to rentabilize their Filter cart investments and to improve their maintenance and predictive procedures.

DESCASE Drum Adapters are designed to pump oil and to connect filtration systems on drums.

This DESCASE Drum Adapter with Breather Kit features all of the following:
. Adapter (DC-17 T)
. Breather (DC-2) with O-ring Seal
. 2 inch Drum Adaptor with Quick Disconnect Fill & Drain Assembly