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Wind Energy Applications

DESCASE & Wind Energy market

DESCASE: One of the Best Tools that offers to Wind Turbine manufacturers the opportunity to improve their lubricated systems and to help final owners to optimise maintenance cost and improve profitability of their invests.


A wind turbine is only earning when it is working and down time due to technical causes must be avoided. Predictive down times due to servicing and maintenance procedures is acceptable and must be kept under control, but when something goes wrong with the mechanics the remedy is always time consuming, loss in production and loss in money.


Wind turbine manufacturers and owners experienced problems in lubricated mechanical components as bearings, gearboxes and hydraulic components. Most of the time, the wind turbine manufacturers passes by:
1. A long term maintenance and warranty period,
2. The treatment of consequence by installing in line or of line high performance dust filtration
3. An increase of predictive maintenance.
4. Predictive maintenance, without treatment of the failure's causes is a waste of money for manufacturers and owners.

High performance, off-line and in-line dust filtration is a good "anti-biotic", but to stay healthy it is always better to be protected by a "vaccine". DEASCASE breathers are the best vaccins that you can use to protect your lubricated systems.

Main source of problem in lubricated systems:

The "Ball Bearing Journal Special", dated 1989, presented the following results on the relationship between pollution and bearings:
"1969 and 1968, studies by Felsen and Schatzeberg showed that a presence of 100 ppm (0.01%) of dissolved water in the squalane lubricant decreased the bearing life by 32-48%."
"Finally, it not well understood why water can decrease bearing life as much as it does but a concentration of water as small as 0.01% is enough to decrease bearing life to half its original value,..., it is worst with sea water ambiance."
Bearing life will be divided by 3 with only 250 ppm of water.
This report provided advice to remove water and solid contaminants equal to or greater than 3 microns.
Increasing water concentration by 100ppm will generate the loss of additive efficiency and will cause "system generated" contaminants.
90% of the bearing do not reach 10% of the L10 bearing life.
"The cost of excluding a gram of dirt is probably only 10% of what it will cost you once it gets into your oil."

Eaton Vickers, a very well respected producer of hydraulic systems and components states: "hydraulic reservoir vents are a common source for water and particulate contamination which cause: corrosion - increased equipment wear - reduced fluid performance and fluid life."

What's happen on the lubricated surfaces?


figure 1. Hydrogen-induced Embrittlement and Blistering Caused by Water Contamination

End users and manufacturers think that they have a concern with particules pollution. In fact they are just fighting against a consequence. What are the facts:
Rust and corrosion are the most obvious effects of water contamination. However, water also lies at the root of vaporous cavitation, hydrogen-induced embrittlement and blistering (Figure 1) and fatigue wear in rolling contacts.
Water's destructive path extends beyond the machine to the lubricant itself. Water promotes base oil oxidation and hydrolysis, additive degradation and washing, microbial growth and formation of suspended ice crystals in cold application.
Water enters the hydraulic system at points where the system interfaces with its environment. Condensation is common in moisture-rich environments - particularly where the machine is frequently started and stopped. New oil is often contaminated with water due to poor handling practices. Cooler leaks, exposure to rain and direct water spray also result in contaminant ingestion.

DES-CASE Solutions to improve lubricated systems in wind turbines.



If you are manufacturers or owners, and if you want to improve quality or profits with your wind turbine follow conclusions of best worlwide expertises in lubricant protection in wind turbine field:

Oil cleanliness in Wind Turbine Gearboxes, from Robert Errichello (Worldwide welknown consultants in the field of wind energy): Oil cleanliness in Wind Turbine Gearboxes
.pdf Pour ouvrir ce fichier vous aurez besoin deInstaller Foxit pdf ReaderInstaller pdf Acrobat Reader Taille : 113.1 Ko
Consequence of moisture in lubricants: Summary of consequence of moisture in lubricants, by NORIA
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Des-Case breather are standardize, recommended, supplied or used by the largest worldwide companies involved in uses or manufactures of gearboxes (largest European manufacturers), hydraulics (Leaders of this market use and supply Des-Case breathers), filters (Worldwide leaders of filtration supplies Des-Case breathers) or lubricants (Main worldwide petroleum companies supply Des-Case breathers). Many companies of the "top 500" use Des-Case breathers in their plants, and many of wind turbines manufacturers use Des-Case breathers on their hydraulic systems and gear units for now 10 years.