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The European subsidiary for distribution and promotion of DESCASE desiccant breathers.

Keeping Contamination Under Control.®
Contamination Control Products.

Des-Case Corporation designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of contamination control products for a wide range of industries and applications. Des-Case breathers enhance the performance and longevity of hydraulically driven production equipment, as well as related oils and other non-aqueous fluids.

Des-Case Europe products Facilities
The European subsidiary, JCB MANAGMENT EUROPA, was developed to provide localized service to the European Community.

Product Lines
Des-Case desiccant breathers, with silicagel, are air filter and water vapor removal systems designed to replace traditional breather caps on fluid containing reservoirs, storage tanks, gearboxes, hydraulic systems and electrical transformers. The breathers eliminate moisture and contaminants in these systems, thereby improving performance.

Disposable breathers (DC-BB, DC-1, DC-2, DC-3, DC-4) are Des-Case's most popular line and provide the most cost-effective means of protection.
Steel breathers, available in carbon steel or stainless (DC/CS-4, DC/SS-4, DC/CS-6, DC/SS-6, DC/CS-10, DC/SS-10), are growing in popularity. These units are ruggedly constructed for high heat and particularly harsh environments and handle higher airflow rates than the disposable units.

Des-Case has earned the business of many Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. These include Ford, General Motors, Parker-Hannifin, DuPont, Castrol, Caterpillar, Georgia-Pacific, and Weyerhauser. A sampling of international customers include the French Power Authority, the French Navy, and Germany-based Thyssen. Private label manufacturing is also provided for several major corporations in the fluid power industry.

Des-Case's distribution channel consists of more than 200 worldwide distributors. Distributors typically sell Des-Case as an auxiliary line to other hydraulic products such as oil and related fluids, reservoirs, gearboxes, filters, hoses, lubrication and fluid power systems, etc.